Friday, December 19, 2008

Their first night outside

They watched SparkleBerry walk away through the bushes. It felt a little bit scary to be alone in this new place. It has been really quiet as all the BabySparkles had been watching. There old home was now high in the sky. A strange sight to be here and only being able to look at where they once lived so happily. Then it was as if all the creatures in their new home suddenly began to sing at the same time. A nice welcome song just for them.

One by one, someone new would fly, walk, or crawl by their spot in the woods. Everyone was talking to someone different. A symphony of words and sounds played between the newly arrived BabySparkles and those who had always lived here. Each having their own story and so curious about who the BabySparkles were and why they had never seen anything like them.

Diamond and Sapphire were busy making all sorts of SparkleGraphs in the night air. Their friends were dazzled by the multicolored display of lights as everyone joined in the dance.
Slowly, everyone left until no other new friends were left with them. The BabySparkles could see the bright light start to glow in the sky and they knew it was time to get back home. Their day was ending as the sun rose to light up their strange new home. Life was full of surprises.

"None of them are like us", whined Diamond. "They are really scary. I don't like different things that scare me." Ruby flew up near her and softly fanned Diamond with her wings.

"Everyone is different. Look at me and you", Ruby said softly. "I have a red tail and you have a yellow tail. Different can be fun and does not have to be scary. Did you like those Plumnickle berries?"

But we are sisters, smiled Diamond. "And yes, I loved those new berries.

Exactly said Ruby. Those berries are different than any you have every eaten. They were delicious and different. Different can be really good. We sisters are all different but we still love each other. Now, we must go home. We can do more fun things tomorrow. With that, all of them flew toward the tree they now called home.

About me

About me
My name is Allison and I am a social worker helping special needs children in the Appalachian Mountain region of Tennessee and Virginia. I guess you could call me a hillbilly since we live in the mountains. When I have some spare time, I work on the BabySparkles and their story.

BabySparkle Sparklegraphs

The baby sparkles use their lights differently than the common on-off blinking of the standard firefly.
They sign complex patterns that are called sparklegraphs. These sparkgraphs are examples of their emotions, their names, and the things they like to do.

BabySparkles: Sparkle Like Me

National Geographic


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